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Skeptics in the Pub
A Perth group for thinking and drinking

Perth skeptics meeting

Perth Skeptics at their second meeting, August 2009. 12 people attended.

Skeptics in the Pub have sprung up since the late 1990s and are popular with skeptics who like to eat and drink while thinking about weird things. Regular pub meetings are held in the UK (London and many other places), New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington), and Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney).

Perth Skeptics is a group of skeptics, atheists, agnostics, and free thinkers. They enjoy meeting to talk, eat, drink, and be skeptical about things like alt med, psychics, alien life, conspiracy theories, homeopathy, ear candling, chiropractic, creationism, and paranormal and pseudoscientific claims in general. Perth Skeptics is independent of WA Skeptics but does not have its own website, and for newcomers is much harder to contact (see below).

Map Perth Skeptics meet every month at the
Como Hotel, 241 Canning Highway, Como.
Attendance varies but is typically 5 to 15.
Admission by donation at each meeting.
The hotel phone number is 9367-6666.

For more information visit But the site can be slow, lacks detail, and is often out of date. Contents including meeting details are accessible only to members with passwords, and new members must be approved by the organiser. You can apply for membership via an on-screen form, and if approved you will receive a password allowing access to the details. But be warned -- Meetup has many groups, and it is possible to find yourself directed to a group other than the one you wanted. By December 2015 the number of people approved by Perth Skeptics had reached 132, but this is just the number looking for details, not the number who are actually active.

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