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Information Sheets
Available from interstate skeptic sites

Information sheets from Aus and NZ

Some of the information sheets downloadable in pdf format from the Australian Skeptics website (left) and New Zealand Skeptics website (right), with a total of 19 and 14 information sheets respectively.

A total of 88 free information sheets are presently downloadable from interstate skeptic websites. Each is devoted to a particular topic. All sheets are printable on landscape A4 for folding into three panels, except those marked [Aus] which are for portrait A4. Most are designed for school use by Year 10 and above.

Information sheets from South Australia

Some of the fifty information sheets downloadable in both html and pdf formats from the Skeptics of South Australia website.

A-Z list of the topics presently available
Topics without [ ] labels or labelled [NZ] are available from the Skeptics SA website (total sheets = 64)

Topics labelled [Aus] are available from the Australian Skeptics website (total sheets = 19)

AverageTopics labelled [Canb] are available from the Canberra Skeptics website (scroll to Publications, total sheets = 5)

Acupuncture [NZ]
Acupuncture Does this traditional Chinese treatment really work?
Age of the Earth [Aus]
Alchemy Turning base metals into gold
Alien Encounters Are people really being abducted?
Assassination of John F Kennedy [Aus]
Astrology [Aus]
Astrology [NZ]
Astrology see also Horoscopes
Atlantis The fabled lost continent
Australian Skeptics About the organisation
Automatic Writing I wrote without knowing what I was doing
Bach Flower Therapy Vitalism revisited
Bee products [NZ]
Bermuda Triangle Mysterious disappearances
Bible codes [Aus]
Biodynamics [NZ]
Bottled waters Purity or publicity?
Breatharianism Can you exist on just air and sunlight?
Chakras Centres of life force?
Channelling [NZ]
Chariots see Von Daniken
Chiropractic Real treatment or quackery?
Clairvoyance Seeing things
Cold reading [Aus]
Creation science Is the earth less than 10 000 years old?
Creationism [NZ]
Critical thinking [NZ]
Crop circles Mysterious patterns appearing in cereal crops
Crystal power Healing energy or fantasy?
Dihydrogen monoxide The dangers of a common substance
Do you believe everything you are told? [Canb]
Earth age of see Age of the Earth [Aus]
Echinacea [NZ]
Encounters alien see Alien encounters
Eye evolution of see Too complex [Aus]
Feng-Shui The ancient Chinese art of placement
Firewalking [Aus]
Firewalking Are your feet warm?
Free energy [Aus]
Friday 13th [NZ]
Glossolalia Speaking in tongues
Great Debate: Evolution vs Creationism [Aus]
Holocaust revisionism [Canb]
Homeopathy [Aus]
Homeopathy Dilutions of grandeur
Homoeopathy [Canb]
Horoscopes What do the stars have in store for you today?
Hypnosis You will do as I tell you
Intelligent design [Canb]
Intelligent design [NZ]
John Edward and talking to the dead [Aus]
King Arthur [Aus]
Law of Karma A real law of the universe?
Life in the universe [Aus]
Loch Ness Monster What's lurking in the loch?
Magnetic therapy products [NZ]
Miracle at Yankalilla What's that on the wall?
Moon landings [Aus]
Mysterious energies Energies unknown to science
Naturopathy Is the healing force real?
Nazca Lines What are those shapes in the desert?
Near-death experiences Are they real?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NZ]
Nostradamus Did he really see the future?
Nostradamus and 17 June 1999 Were we right to be afraid?
Numerology [Aus]
Numerology The answer lies in the numbers
Ouija Yes, yes, but should we believe it?
Psychics, mediums, fortune-tellers [NZ]
Pyramids [Aus]
Qakatak Dealing with alternative medicine
Reincarnation Who were you in a past life?
Reverse speech What's hidden in the sounds?
Runes Viking wisdon or New Age scribbles?
Scientific method [Aus]
Scientific method Science versus pseudoscience
Seances Messages from the other side
Shroud of Turin Authentic burial cloth or pious fraud?
Skepticism What does it mean to be a skeptic?
Some common scams How to avoid wasting your money
Speaking in tongues see Xenoglossia
Spontaneous human combustion Could you catch fire?
Stigmata The marks of the cross
Tarot [Aus]
Tarot Your life in the cards
Too complex? Evolution of the eye [Aus]
UFOs What's that in the sky?
UFOs and alien abduction [NZ]
Velikovsky The fantastic history of the planets
Von Ddniken Chariots of what?
Water divining and dowsing [Aus]
Weight loss information [Canb]
Xenoglossia Speaking in foreign tongues

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