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Printing, searching, translating
articles from this website: Handy hints

Articles on this website do not use frames or cascading style sheets.

Printing articles
Clicking File > Print on your browser will print the article and graphics but without any control over format. To adjust the format you must save the article as a web page and then open it in Microsoft Word:

1. Click File > Save > Web Page Complete (saves article as a web page).
2. When ready, exit from web (to save online time) and load Word.
3. Click File > Open > File of type > Web pages.
4. Click View > Print Layout.

The format, typeface, typesize etc can now be adjusted in Word as usual.

Saving articles as text files
Once an article is on screen, to save it as a text file click File > Save As > TextFile. Only text will be saved. Any graphics will be ignored.

Searching articles
This website has no search facility. But the Fast-Find Index introduced in November 2008 will retrieve the most relevant article for over 200 topics. Or we can search the entire website for you if you email us a keyword at info AT undeceivingourselves DOT org.

Translating articles online
1. Go to
2. Enter in the Translate-a-Web-page box.
3. Choose the language you want translated from English.
4. Click Translate.

You will now see the website in your chosen language ready for clicking. If the translation site is overloaded, or you have exceeded your time allowance, you may get a "web page unavailable" message. Keep trying.

According to user votes at, babelfish ranks first of eight free online translation services (Google ranks fourth). The translation will not be perfect. It will usually contain mistakes such as translating account as bill and not report. Technical or unfamiliar words will not be translated and will be left as is.

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