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Ad hominem arguments
Ads you won't believe
Alien spaceships
Alkimos WA tests of wreck
Alt med (oxygen scams)
Ancient astronauts
Articles readability of
Articles statistics of
Articles translation of
Assessing paranormal beliefs
- and inconvenient truths
- appeal of
- Award entry on
- belief in
- book review
- converting believers in
- faking on TV
- Hitler cartoon
- media frenzy
- my personal disaster
- test of sun signs
- testing for $1m prize
- tests of astrologers
Atlantis Falcon (fiction)
Aura reading psychic fair
Aura reading for $1m prize
Australian Skeptics
- website
Awards see WA Skeptics Awards
Baked beans
Bali bombers
Baloney detection
Barnum statements examples
Beliefs trying to change
Bloody Mary Award entry
Books critical of paranormal
- lists of on websites
Bottles messages in
Bread (uncritical thinking)
Carrots (uncritical thinking)
Cereal killers
Chain letters Award entry
Chariots of the Gods
Climate change
- latest news on
Cold Reading
- at fairground (Coleman)
- in Award entry
- James Randi on
- on TV (Michael Shermer)
Contacting the Dead
- Doris Collins in Australia
- faking at fairground
- faking on TV
- John Edward scam
Critical Thinking
- crash course in CT
- effect on beliefs at uni
- effect on teacher beliefs
- in the classroom
- philosophy of website
- planning courses in
- university course on
Crooked arguments defeating
Crop circles
Crystal therapy Award entry
Deceiving ourselves
Dihydrogen monoxide
Divining (Dowsing)
- $110,000 challenge
- and $1m prize
- excuses for failure
- explanation of
- for brass and gold
- for water
- - statistics of
- views of a diviner
ESP belief in
Error messages in Haiku
Evidence most have no idea
Excuses after the event
- at high school
Fallacies top 10 of all time
Feng Shui Award entry
Feng Shui belief by teachers
Fiction detective story
Gardening by the Moon
Ghosts belief in
Ghosts WA tests of

Global warming
Godmen exposing
Godmen and $1m prize
Graphology Award entry
Hair colour Award entry
Health scams (oxygen)
HMAS Sydney finding of
Hoaxes can you detect them?
Horoscopes see Astrology
Human judgement biases in
Humour (paranormal story)
Hutterites (oxygen scam)
I Ching Award entry
IPCC's abuse of science
IPCC open letter re
IPCC accusations against
Information sheets
James Randi
- $110,000 dowsing challenge
- $US1million prize
- on psychic readings
- JR Educ Foundation
- website (annotated)
John Edward
Junior skeptics task force
Karma Dharma pudding pie
Kinetic energy and UFOs
Law Reform in WA
Loch Ness monster belief in
Love life ruined by sun signs
Magazines skeptical
Magnetic fields in divining
Magnetic wine improver?
- repeat of above test
Mars mistaken for UFO
Mayan 2012 Award entry
- psychics and $1m prize
- scams (oxygen)
- scams (general)
Mediums faking on TV
Messages in bottles
Million dollar prize
Mindless quantum
Moon hoax Award entry
Moon planting/gardening
Murphy's Law Award entry
Mythbusters TV series
Ocean currents
Online skeptic info
Open letter re IPCC
Oxygen is good
Palmistry Award entry
Palmistry faking on TV
Paranormal Beliefs
- assessing
- education increases
- in trainee teachers
- in uni students
- list of
- parody on (fiction)
Pathological science
Patterns making sense of
People need a listener
Perth Skeptics
Planting by the Moon
Podcasts skeptic
Prayers for pagans
Premanand Indian skeptic
Printing our articles
Prizes for Paranormal Demo
- $1000 WA in 1970s
- $A100,000 Aus Skeptics
- - WA attempts on
- $US1,000,000 James Randi
- - Excuses for failure
Psi and astrology
- at psychic fair
- Award entry on
- by cold reading
- Delay finding HMAS Sydney
- Doris Collins in Australia
- Dutch study of
- faking at fairground
- faking on TV
- faking surgery
- - photo of
- have no scruples
- in Search & Rescue
- James Randi $1m and
- WA tests of
Pyramids Award entry
Pyramids WA tests of

Quantum mechanics and psi
Rain walking vs running
Raindrops size and speed
Raudive effect WA tests of
Readability of our articles
Religion dangers of
Sai Baba tests of
Santa Claus science of
Self-help gurus and QM
- articles online
- books for years 8-12
- countries with skeptic orgs
- magazines pic of three
- shoppings bags pic of
- skeptic not sceptic
- skeptic of the year
- videos and DVDs
- websites
- what skepticism is
Skepticism why it matters
Skeptics in the pub
Snowflakes size and speed
Statistics of visitors/articles
Statues weeping fake
Subliminal Award entry
Susan Blackmore
- her 20 yrs of testing psi
- in WA at Curtin uni
- on water divining
Sydney finding of
Tarot Readings
- at psychic fair
- Award entry on
- faking on TV
- faking at fairground
- test of at high school
Task force of junior skeptics
Teachers paranormal beliefs
Telepaths WA tests of
Tongue piercing faking
Tooth Fairy (fiction)
True Believers
- and $1m prize
- compared with scientists
- converting
- testing at high school
True vs false hoaxes
Truth assessing
UFOs and kinetic energy
UFOs belief in
UFOs that weren't
Undeceiving ourselves
Urban legends Award entry
Urban legend vs baked beans
Uri Geller and $1m prize
Video games Award entry
Von Daniken belief in
Von Daniken exposed
WA Skeptics
- history
- how to contact
- meeting details
- precursor of
- previous meetings
- website stats
WA Skeptics Awards
- 2006 results
- 2007 results
- 2008 results
- 2011 results
- about the Awards
- abstracts examples of
- books given to schools
- choosing topic
- conditions of entry
- entries 16 examples of
- how entries are judged
- how to write entry
- not a competition
- views of entrants
- - of judges
- - of parents
- - of teachers
- what judges look for
- what winning entrants get
WA Soc for Psychical Res
Wave-particle duality
Websites for skeptics
- philosophy of this one
- statistics of this one
Weeping statues
Wine improved by magnets?
- repeat of above test

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