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Skeptic Books
donated to school libraries
in recognition of successful entries

Since 2006, as part of the WA Skeptics Awards for Young Critical Writers, WA Skeptics have donated skeptic books and magazines to the libraries of schools with successful entrants.

If the entrant gained a Certificate of Merit, the school receives a skeptic book and a year's subscription to the Australian national skeptic magazine the Skeptic.

If the entrant gained an Honourable Mention, the school receives a year's subscription to the Skeptic.

The skeptic books are chosen from the world's best and are often not readily available in WA. To best suit a school's particular needs the titles may be chosen after consultation with the school librarian, or the librarian may be given a choice of titles. In order to be informed firsthand on what is available, WA Skeptics routinely acquire the latest skeptic publications.

The skeptic

The national skeptic magazine the skeptic is published quarterly. It began in 1981 and is now one of the world's largest skeptic magazines with over sixty A4 pages per issue. It is renowned for its humour. All back issues (over 5000 pages) including illustrations are available on a single searchable CD, one of only two skeptic magazines in the world that are available in this format. Not specifically for young people but readable, often very funny, and a good resource on every paranormal topic imaginable. For details of this CD and how to obtain it see Books and Magazines under Classroom Resources.

Books donated to schools since 2006 include the following. Some titles have been donated more than once:

Robert Todd Carroll The Skeptic's Dictionary
Terence Hines. Pseudoscience and the Paranormal

Carrol and Hines

Carl Sagan The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark
Hy Ruchlis. How do you Know it's True
Dan Baker. Maybe Yes, Maybe No

The first two are especially recommended. For details of these and other titles see Books and Magazines under Classroom Resources.

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